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Welcome Builders! In order to play on this server, you need to have the OpenRCT Client installed. Most use the launcher as that updates automatically everytime you run the program. You also need the core Roller Coaster Tycoon files as well as both of the Expansion Packs. Below are Download Links!

If you have any questions, reach out to us on Discord!!

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\u0022Reliance 1\u0022 by FerrariForTheWin Ritachi\'s Area - Divided Lands
Added by BirbSMB
Oct 23rd 2017
Added by BirbSMB
Oct 21st 2017
Tree of Life
Added by alecward92
Sep 3rd 2017
Clover Creek Mine Train (Forever unfinished)
Added by D4rkRaid3r
Aug 12th 2017
This is Castle Coaster, i don\'t remember The Forest
Added by Glitch
Aug 5th 2017
houston , we had a problem Bayonetta: The Ride [Johnny Ether]
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