We at Freedom are very open to what can be built. There are only a few rules that we enforce and feel that they are pretty common sense.

- Please, and this is probably the most important rule, don't build over, through, or on top of someone else's build area without permission. This is the easiest way to get kicked.

- Under the Intensity rating, we prohibit Extreme or Ultra extreme. These builds will be deleted within 48 hours time if they are opened. Please place WIP on a sign or as the ride title if necessary.

- No inappropriate usernames, ride names, guest names, or anything you can physically edit. Please keep everything PG. You never know who will sign on. A warning will be issued, and then an Admin-based voting will determine your stay.

- Spamming of any sort is completely Prohibited. One warning will be issued, followed by a ban the next.

- Please place your name on all your rides/builds. We would like to give credit where due. Any builds without a name are subject to deletion within 48 hours.

-For ride scenery, if you plan on using other rides as scenery, a maximum use of 3 rides per person will be enforced. This is due to the limit of rides RCT can withstand in any map. Shall there be a higher limit in the future, this limit may be higher.

All of these rules are in effect to provide a fun environment for every player. If there are any issues, please message an Admin so the issue can be handled properly. Discord is our primary way of communication for anything related to the server.

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